A territory that unites cultures, cultivates traditions and celebrates authenticity.
Sicily is a hymn of unique scents and flavours.
The island is a symbol of the wine sector worldwide.

The Sicilian territory devotes profound attention to the cultivation of the vine and wine-making processes, with the presence of immense vineyards for the production of wine.
Sicily and Wine are a combination that has its roots in the past and constantly sprouts in the present, keeping sure promise for the future.

The vines include white and black varieties that find their balance in unspoilt nature. Wines with a unique identity, the result of encounters between grapes and cultures. Tasting a Sicilian wine means embarking on a sensory journey that leads to the discovery of a unique land, where the vocation for wine meets the passion for vine cultivation.


Suspended in time, it retains the elegant beauty of ancient stories.
It is the narrator of Garibaldi’s exploits and great deeds.
Marsala is the land of the Romans, the Arabs and the Spanish.
A distinctive element has always characterised this city: wine.
Suggestive atmospheres that enchant, thanks to the presence of uncontaminated territories.
Known and loved by all are the Salt Pans of Marsala, in the regional nature reserve of the Stagnone Islands.
The archipelago includes several islands, including Mozia, from which it is possible to observe the sunset of the Salt Pans of Marsala, recognised as the fourth most beautiful in the world.
An unforgettable place, where you can experience the spectacle of nature.
The setting sun is a rite of a thousand colours that gives unique emotions to those who choose to visit Marsala.
The Mother Church is a hymn to Baroque architecture, the symbol of the city.
There are many archaeological sites to visit, such as Capo Boeo, where there is important evidence of the Roman passage.
The city is rich in traditions and culture: religious processions and events celebrate the territory.
Marsala is the land of wine, and every year in summer there is the most eagerly awaited event: Calici di Stelle.
A magical evening discovering Sicilian wines, a unique experience with guided tasting sessions.