Vendemmia 2018, andamento climatico e rese

Harvest Report 2020

The 2020 harvest began a week later than the 2019 harvest, i.e. on August 3, with the Pinot Grigio
harvest followed by Chardonnay, Moscato and Sauvignon blanc, and all the other varieties
according to the degree of ripeness of the grapes.
In the province of Trapani, in the municipalities of Marsala, Mazara Salemi, Paceco etc., there was
a drop in production equal to 20% of which 10% due to a physiological decline and 10% for the
green harvest.
Until May, the growth of the plants took place correctly, while the intense rains recorded in June exposed the vines to greater phytosanitary pressure.
The timely treatments adopted by the farmers
made it possible to defend the plants ensuring optimal development so as to obtain a good ripening
of the grapes.
The 2020 harvest gave us grapes of the highest quality due to a reduction of grapes per plant, the
white wines are excellent both from an organoleptic and structural point of view, while the red
wines are elegant, complex and with intense colors.
In Sicily 3129 thousand hectoliters of must / wine were produced compared to 3911 thousand
hectoliters in 2019.
The definitive response of the 2020 Italian harvest, elaborated by Assoenologi, Ismea and Unione
Italiana Vini, reveals an overall production of wine and must equal to 46.6 million hectoliters, with
a decrease of 2% compared to the 47.5 million hectoliters of the 2019.

10 Agosto 2023