Harvest 2019

he 2019 harvest began with an average delay of 10-15 days compared to last year, with variable conditions in each province. There has been an average drop of about 30% in the quantity of grapes harvested compared to 2018 and a quality that our winemakers have called excellent.

All this was possible thanks to quite variable climatic conditions, especially in May where there was a drop in temperatures accompanied by abundant rainfall, which led to a slowdown in the vegetative cycle of the vine and a reduction in the amount of fruit and therefore fewer berries in the bunches.

From Trapani to Caltanissetta, from Palermo to the areas of Agrigento and Ragusa, the harvest began on Monday 5 September. At the Cantina Chitarra the first vines harvested were Pinot Grigio and Chardonnay, then all the others. In general, the different varieties all have the same characteristic: the decrease in quantity corresponds to ripe and fragrant grapes, with a first-rate aromatic kit.

10 Agosto 2023