Grape variety: Grillo
Denomination: D.O.C. Sicilia
Alcohol: 12,50%
Zone production: (western Sicily) Marsala, Mazara del Vallo, Trapani, Salemi and nearby areas
Territory: altitude from 100 to 200 m above sea level, mainly hilly orography with medium-textured soils that tend to be clayey with a good content of organic matter
Vineyard: vertical shoot positioning trellised vines, with Guyot pruning and 3500/4000 plant density per hectare with yields of 80/120 quintals
Vinification: soft pressing, static sedimentation and fermentation at controlled temperature at 16° C for 20 days, storage and maturation in steel 

Tasting Notes
Color: straw yellow
Smell: delicate, with notes of white fruit
Taste: pleasant, persistent, with a good flavor and freshness
Longevity: 24 months
Serving temperature: 10/12°C
Pairing: to combine with vegetarian cuisine and seafood first courses, excellent with grilled white meat, and fresh cheeses.