Welcome to Cantina Chitarra

Our tastings are customized to make you better know the values ​​of our cellar: love for the territory, the combination of wine and music, the story of the Leopard. Our hospitality managers will accompany you on an enchanting journey to discover the wine of the Trapani area, through an exciting nature trail, from the vineyards, to the olive groves and citrus groves to finish inside the cellar for the transformation and aging of our wines, delighted by the traditional flavors and involving musical atmospheres.



The experience includes the tasting of 4 wines selected from the Cantina Chitarra collection and 1 passito. 2 whites Cantina...

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The four tastings, food and wine itineraries divided into red and white wines, and sensory analysis by winery oenologists Giacomo and Pietro, begin at the entrance. From here, immersed in the greenery of nature, surrounded by rolling hills, vineyards and olive trees, you reach the evocative “Terrazza Chitarra”, an open-air space of singular beauty, from where you can admire the magical colours of the Marsala sunset and contemplate unique views of the landscape. Cantina Chitarra, located in the district of the same name famous for its “cuti” (pebbles), rounded stones that form the cobblestones, is distinguished by an original green style. A characteristic concept, which aims to highlight, through the distinctive style of the furnishings, the wine as a product of nature and the territory as a heritage to be protected and enhanced. From the Chitarra Terrace, the tour continues with a guided tour of the olive grove and the fragrant citrus orchard, followed by a visit to the herb garden and finally a walk through the rows of the vineyards surrounding the winery, with an explanation of sustainable cultivation and winemaking.

Tasting and sensory analysis take place with background music in the indoor area called Un Sorso di Sicilia, a place dedicated to all those who want to enjoy unforgettable wine and food experiences, even in the company of their four-legged friends. In our wine shop, you can also buy our wines and typical products, delving into the history and production of Cantina Chitarra.