Land sailors, for over a century in the waves of the rows

From a valley with high wine intensity, you see them going with the wind in their sails. There’re 180 land sailors, with a story to tell. 

Their journey is adventure, science, technique, but also geography and a lot – really a lot of – poetry. They navigate between 600 hectares of rows, in a corner of Western Sicily, between Marsala, Mazara del Vallo, Salemi, Trapani, a pleasant place whose beauty rejoices the spirit.   

Men and women and their great passion for the cultivation of the vine and for the enhancement of the territory. Together they are Cantina Chitarra.  

All started back in 1914, when a group of eight daring winemakers – owners of several hectares of land – promoted a project aimed at connecting winemakers and wine culture enthusiasts in the sign of distinctive traits, such as ethics, territorial belonging and quality.


The values ​​quickly became the compass for embarking on the journey made in Sicily , directing choices and actions, tracing the birth and therefore the direction of a winery, whose roots, like those of the soil, nourish and give energy.   

The Cantina Chitarra philosophy is contained in the Il Gattopardo, Baglio Chitarra and Art in Box collections. Three selections, an expression of collaboration and teamwork, which define singular interpretations for a more than one- hundred-year history : in wine, nobility and identity, music and perception, art and creativity.       

And it all happens with respect for sustainability. As evidence of how important the daily green commitment is to the enhancement the territory, the only one capable of preserving the beauty and the quality of wines with a strong personality and authentic manifestation of the local territory. 

10 Agosto 2023